Havana, August 29: A regime of social justice

Maria Nélida Lopez Baez

Phone: 52437850 

Janisleidy Crespo Acosta, is a teenager of 14 years of age, which, due to the delay of 36 hours in the delivery of her mom, medical negligence, was born (in a hospital in Pinar del Río) affected with cerebral palsy (ICP), which does not allow you to speak or perform certain movements. Together with their parents lives, correct bad lives, in the Lealtad street # 158 between Animas and Virtudes, on the first floor of a lot, in the municipality of Centro Habana. The next November 2 it will have been 15 years, but   they cannot even go down to the street, because her mom has an operation on the abdomen and her father suffers from a hernia. They recently decided to submit to a surgery, because her feet were mounted in the form of scissors and although the surgeon told him that there would be no problems, the child complains of headaches and has to keep on pillows. The quality of life of this girl and her family is degrading, despite the fact that her existence is a misfortune to them, all they can offer is love. Had she been born in any other country, they would have to finance her existence for life, although the money would not be able to compensate for the damage they have done to this family. However, given the “social justice” regime in Cuba, the State will pass a monthly pension of 175 pesos national currency (equivalent to $7) and once a year 5 delivery packs of disposable diapers, that on a few occasions have the required size or sanitary napkins in place; because she cannot tell you when she has to urinate or have a bowel movement.  Their home is in total deterioration, leaks into the bedroom, for the sewage of the bathroom of the neighbors above, for which they put a few buckets on the floor, with the aim of containing them, but cannot avoid the stench that it produces. There is a barbecue in the only room of the house, with two beds, where all three sleep. The access is through a wooden staircase, which barely sustains and does not have handrails. Her sad life is composed of abundant medications, poor material conditions; but you can appreciate the love they give their parents, who live for it. As well as a large number of Cubans, they have problems with the supply of water, lack of any equipment appliance that can give you more comfort to the life of the girl who spends all her time lying down on a bed in a wet room and without air. If it comes to eating, in spite of their situation, as a Cuban girl more, since she was 7 years does not have the right to purchase milk in the ration book. No one unfazed by cases such as these, although they have a great weight in society, even the father explained that he went to the Channel and they were in the house and made films, but to see that not showed, he wanted to inquire and was told that the State Security had been forbidden to publish. This is the reality of the suffering people of Cuba, not only in Havana, but throughout the country you can find problems like with this, without having the slightest attention by the authorities, who see it as something normal, perhaps the fault is of the “lock” and “imperialism”; what if everyone can be convinced that the system will never be responsible.



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